Example Mission

One of the ways that Deadflight can be played is be reenacting historical battles.


In this example you will find the Reckoning of Hedro Cortez. 


The mission profile contains detailed information about the player's objectives as well as the Modules, Upgrade and squadron selections of both Fleet-Carriers

The Reckoning of Hedro Cortez

Hedro Cortez was a well respected TPN Fleet Captain, renowned for his thoroughness and no-nonsense approach to command.


With seven successful Deadflight missions on his chit and no recorded instances of dissent it came as a complete shock when he cast aside his colours and took his ship Constitution into the Trans-Neptunion region where he established himself as a pirate in support of the Free peoples.


For the next decade he was spotted attacking numerous supply ships en-route to the research facility on Uranus and once pulling off a daring raid on the GGC’s Barn where his crew made off with 4 years worth of supplies and several billion credits worth of raw materials.


Cortez became a priority target for both the GGC and TPN and he was eventually engaged by Captain Marcus Downing of the TPN after the Constitution (now renamed Fortune’s Favour) experienced engine failure in open space between Uranus and Saturn

Player 1

Player 1 takes on the role of Hero Cortez commanding his stranded ship whilst the TPN close in.


You have one objective - survive!


The Fortune's Favour is a versatile ship, the Advanced Thrusters and Point Defence Array give it practical defence against incoming Broadspace attacks whilst the Engineering Bay will be a big help when it comes to repairing damage.


The Teleportation Array gives Cortez incredible flexibility. The enemy are trying to catch him but they can only do it if they can find him! Consider putting him into a transport or shunting him onto an asteroid to keep your opponent guessing!


That said, Cortez is pretty tidy in F2F and he might well carry the day on his own. 

Player 2

'Stop' is a vague term but it is more polite than 'kill' which is ultimately your fall back option.


Your best bet is to either blast the Fortune's Favour away (although that will only secure the secondary objective and a draw) or go hunting for Cortez.


Luckily you have 3 Transports, Boarding torpedoes, 12 Vac-Troopers AND Special Forces giving you a hell of a punch in F2F. 

Consider placing your XO in the Barracks to make him a Vac-Trooper Major, a powerful F2F unit who can turn the tide of any engagement.


Load up those transports and make a bee-line for the enemy Fleet-Carrier. Your Fighter Control module will give you the ability to double activate which is useful for getting the jump on an enemy ship or boosting closer to your target. Put an LT in there to improve it's effectiveness even further. 

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