The Command Terminal sits in front of each player and allows you to control every aspect of your Fleet-Carrier.

Made of neoprene-rubber (the same as you find in gaming mats) these 90x20cm terminals roll up neatly for storage and transport.  

The Bridge

Players select a Mission, a captain and up to 10 Special Orders to construct the Bridge section of the Command Terminal.


Captains come with bonuses and abilities that can make a huge difference to a mission.


Special Orders are key strategic situational tools and need to be chosen carefully.


Select 8 Modules to install onto your Fleet-Carrier. These will determine what your ship will be able to do during a mission.


Module options include Ranged Batteries, Engineering, Enhanced Sensors and Barracks. 

With more than 18 options there is plenty of scope to customise your ship.


Your Fleet-Carrier has space for 4 Upgrades which cover every aspect of your ship.


Really want to set fire to the enemy Carrier? Equip some Hellfire Torpedoes. Are your Crew getting killed too easily? Give them some boarding shields  - with over 70 Upgrades you are spoilt for choice! 

Each faction has a roster of spacecraft that it can embark onto its Fleet-Carriers.

There are 5 classes of spacecraft to choose from:





Industrial rigs

Each spacecraft has a set of stats that are used to determine what it can do.


For example, Engine Rating indicates how many hexes it can move and turn through.

Special Rules give ships a bit of something extra, it could make them more survivable or have the option of installing additional weapons

Weapons in Deadflight have a range band and arc which is used to determine whether an enemy can be hit. They also have a trio of stats to determine how effective they are at hitting and damaging things.

Every weapon has a critical score that means each weapon has a chance to damage the enemy 

F-2-F units have a different range of stats which are used to resolve the different actions that these infantry units can perform.

To see an example mission and Fleet-Carrier build click the link below

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