Deadflight: Ghosts in the Void will be returning to Kickstarter at some point soon.

Based on feedback from our first campaign we are implementing some changes including fully fledged co-op and Solo modes using an AI deck to determine enemy actions and language editions. 

The Kickstarter will not only save you money on the RRP but also gives you exclusive custom dice, an exclusive narrative campaign and (hopefully) a raft of stretch goals!

1+ players


 90 minute Games


90cm x 90cm area


Age 14+


Suitable for beginners and veteran gamers 

English print and Spanish PDF translation of books and cards


24 Plastic miniatures in 9 different sculpts

Arrow Interceptor
Cerberus Fighter
Olympus Transport
Atlas Bomber
OHB1 Mining Rig
Ocelot Interceptor
Dragon Fighter
Triton Personnel Carrier
Nemesis Multi-Role Combat Vessel

Playing space


A 90x50cm six-panel game board and two high quality 90x20cm neoprene-rubber Command Terminals  create a 90x90cm playing space

Each player uses a Command Terminal to control their ship, here they place their chosen module and upgrade cards, their deployed assets and various tokens.

The game board represents the Nearspace battlesphere - the combat arena between the two ships - and is printed with beautiful artwork and a hex grid

240+ Cards



Cards are used in the construction of your Fleet-Carrier and are used to represent the various ship systems and upgrades on your Command Terminal as well as your Captain skill, Mission and Special Orders.

A set of Tarot sized reference cards are included for each unit and ship in the game.

120+ Tokens


Tokens are used to manage your game resources. Everything from the number of crew you have, the damage your ship has sustained to which modules are receiving orders this turn is represented in a clear and straightforward way.

Tokens are also used to add debris to the Nearspace battleshpere. This includes wreckage, asteroids, satellites and space stations.



A detailed 52 page rulebook covering all the mechanics of the game with written examples and images of gameplay as well as dozens of pieces of artwork.

A 24 page Ghosts in the Void campaign book allowing players to create a narrative campaign for themselves and their friends.

20 Kickstarter exclusive dice branded with the Deadflight Skull

Last but not least, reference sheets and storage bags! 

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