The Year is 3927

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Two millennia of innovations in science and technology has taken humanity across the Solar System and thriving colonies exist on every viable planet and moon. Life expectancy has nearly doubled, fusion power provides near-limitless energy. It is called the golden age of humanity yet for all these advancements, our species has yet to outgrow its more primitive behaviours. 

Just as it always has been, the insatiable greed of a few keeps billions in perpetual servitude, the significance of their lives reduced to little more than input/output data on a government census or company register. Self-serving politicians drown out cries for civil liberties with fear, lies and the rhetoric of insular tribalism. Violence and terror are used by both the oppressors and the oppressed as everyone seeks to influence the direction of society.

Despite this backdrop of simmering tension there is no open conflict. Armies do not march against one another and colonies are not bombed into submission. Instead the Quiet War rages in the void, fought beyond public awareness and kept out of the mass media by strict, mutual censorship. Military leaders on all sides use every asset at their disposal to keep their faction one step ahead in this secretive conflict.


Clandestine operations are undertaken in every corner of the Solar System with thousands of brave men and women risking everything for their cause. These missions are considered ‘deniable operations’ by the authorities who issue the orders and ‘deadflights’ by those that execute them.


This is where you come in.


As a ship’s captain running Deadflight missions it is you who will be on the front lines in this conflict.


By your decisions will your faction endure. 

By your failures will it decline. 

Your bravery will be known to only a select few and should you die, you will simply become another ghost in the void.


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