All games look better with terrain on the table and this is true of Deadflight. Terrain can play a vital role in games of Deadflight, your mission might require you to harvest raw materials from asteroids, recover survivors from wreckage or protect a satellite relay.

Terrain features will come in the form of double-sided punchboard tokens featuring full colour digital art BUT we also have designed plastic debris as stretch goals!

Here are some prototypes for various types of terrain you will encounter over the course of your Deadflight Missions...

Space station pods are self contained habitation units that have been designed to fit together

Asteroids and other rocky debris are chocked full of resources that can be harvested by OHB1 mining rigs or plucky/unlucky crew.

Satellites are as vital in the 3927 as they are today

Wreckage might hold survivors, important data or just useful supplies, always worth investigating!

This 4-hex space station is a nice centre piece and can be the core focus of lots of missions.

This giant (19 hex!) space station is staying in the 'crazy ideas' folder but who knows? It might be a reality one day...

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