Gas Giants Conglomerate Fleet

Last post we showed off the TPN fleet that is found in the Deadflight: Ghosts in the Void core box. Today its the turn of the GGC!

This fleet is all about smooth lines and slick technology. We thought about what would certain car companies and corporations want their space ships to look like and this is the result. Remember these are still WIPs but we are very happy with them!

3 Ocelot Fighters - highly mobile attack craft with a set of powerful laser cannons that can track opponents

2 Bullshark Combat Utility Ships - capable of transporting ordinance and a small compliment of troops, the Bullshark is a versatile ship with lots of tactical flexibility.

2 Scarab Troop Transports - rapid deployment vessels that can out manoeuvre anything in it's class

3 Hawk Interceptors - equipped with advanced tech that allows them to lock on to enemy ships and boost the accuracy of friendly craft.

As with the TPN we are working on some expansions for the GGC including some autonomous fireships which are sure to read havoc on enemy Carriers!

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