Genesis of Deadflight

Deadflight has been almost 18 months in the making. The first idea we threw around was a purely 10mm miniatures based spaceship game. We are huge fans of games like Star Wars Armada and Battlefleet Gothic but there is something detached about commanding loads of ships with thousands (if not millions in BFG!) and we wanted to make it more...personal.

Deadflight is ultimately about taking responsibility for your actions. As captain of a vessel the buck stops with you so we built a game system around that idea of responsibility - you get to choose what to do BUT you also have to choose what not to do. In the early turns these decisions are pretty straightforward but as things heat up they become crucial and the pressure mounts on you - the doubt sets in, the 'what-ifs?' will keep you up at night...

Here is a picture of the first working prototype we put together: The game has evolved a lot since then but you can still see those core ideas present.

Deadflight's kickstarter is launching soon and we hope we can get this game turned into a commercial reality.

Stay safe and we will be back with another update soon.

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