The OBH-1 Industrial Mining Rig

Our talented 3d artists have been hard at work on the OBH-1 and it is shaping up to be a very cool piece of kit.

As we mentioned in a previous post, mining is a key part of the game and many missions rely on successfully gathering resources rather than just blowing up the enemy! This is particularly relevant in campaigns where resources are needed to repair and upgrade your ship - doing a bit of mining mid-mission isn't the worst idea!

But what do you mine?

Asteroids. We have designed the asteroid system as a random material generator. The tokens will be placed on the board but you won't know how bountiful an asteroid is until you either land on it or perform a Scan special order. Using the categories developed by NASA you might find an asteroid filled with precious heavy metals or water or maybe nothing but carbon.

Whatever you find out there, make sure you get it back to your Fleet Carrier for processing!

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